Snorkel and Scuba Dive in Praslin

Underwater wildlife in abundance

The crystalline waters that surround Praslin make it a great spot for snorkelling and scuba diving. Head to Channel Rock, a massive chunk of granite covered with corals and sponges, home to colourful fish, white tip sharks, turtles and gentle whale sharks. Explore the Ennerdale, a famous wreck located between Mahe and Praslin, roamed by shoals of blue striped snappers, barracudas, giant cod and giant moray eels. Tripa are readily available from most hotels and resorts and you'll always see something straight from the beach as a beginner. Nearby La Digue has more dive and snorkelling sites and you're only a 45 minte catamran away.

Top Tips from our Experts


Commercial Executive

"Water temperatures are relatively consistent year round at about 28 degrees. Due to the south easterly trade winds between April and September the water can get a little choppy, more so in afternoons, so a morning snorkel in a protected site is perfect. March to May and September to November generally offer idyllic weather conditions for snorkelling off the coast of Praslin".