Palawan – Things to do

Things to do in Palawan

Scuba Diving

Tubbataha Reefs National Park is the natural destination for those fascinated by life on a coral reef. Take a boat trip out to this protected area to learn more about the conservation efforts in place there.

Palawan Island Retreats

From a private, secluded resort to a luxurious hotel set in the heart of one of the most popular areas of Palawan – Hayes & Jarvis has the experience to help you put together the most engaging and memorable trip. This is the ideal opportunity to visit Palawan and some of the smaller surrounding islands, giving you an insight into local cuisine, customs and charm in equal measure.

Underground River

Located in the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is the longest underground river in the world accessible to man. Admire the cathedral-like caverns and stalagmites rising from the water as you paddle along the river by canoe

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Puerto Princesa City

The capital city of the province, Puerto Princesa is home to the amazing Underground River UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Island Hopping

Leave Palawan Island behind and discover over 1,700 other islands of assorted sizes. Divers won’t want to miss the chance to explore the waters around the Linapacan Islands – all 52 of them, which are glorious in their colours and charm.

Aerial View

Beach Experiences

Clear waters, fine sand, and blue skies – all of Palawan’s beaches offer the chance to experience all these elements. Choose a private beach resort or relax on one of the archipelago’s most popular beaches.

Capital City Explorations

The City in the Forest, Palawan’s capital Puerto Princesa, plays host to its own Subterranean River National Park. You can also learn about the city’s history, sample some local seafood for the freshest flavours around, and wander out to Honda Bay to meander barefoot on the beach.