Bohol's wildlife

Immerse Yourself In The Wildlife Of Bohol

Thanks to the Phillippines' tropical climate, Bohol is home to a huge array of animals, birds and marine life. 

Fish and marine life

The warm waters that surround the Phillippines are bursting with stunning marine life, perfect for any nature lover and keen diver. A must during your visit to Bohol is a whale shark trip where you'll have the chance to see these amazing gentle giants up close, and even get to swim with them. In the shallower waters, keep your eyes peeled for stunning coral, clown fish and other tropical fish.

Bird watching

The Phillippines are also home to more than 600 species of bird, and Bohol is no exception for any keen ornithologist. Keep your binoculars handy as you can spot anything from grebes and herons to cuckoos, woodpeckers, barn owls and doves.

Tarsier Sanctuary

The smallest primate on earth, Bohol is famed for being the home of the tarsier. Pay a visit to the Tarsier Sanctuary, dedicated to the preservation of this tiny animal and continuously raising environmental awareness and establishing protected areas. Take one of the various trails from the visitors centre where you can walk to see the tarsiers in their natural environment and hear from the guides about how this species is being protected.