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Bohol Holidays

Bohol holidays offer lush natural sceneries, beautiful beaches and exotic wildlife. For a dose of luxury, head to Panglao Island, which is home to lavish hotels and resorts, and plenty of white sandy beaches to doze on.

Bohol is a dream destination in the Philippines and is renowned as the best spot to observe the tiny bug-eyed tarsiers, the smallest primate in the world. Be sure to keep a close eye out though, they’re so minute you might miss just them.

Bohol holidays: a nature lover’s paradise

Packed full of stunning green landscapes and sprawling beaches, Bohol holidays take you to an island getaway, perfect for nature lovers. A visit to the mysterious Chocolate Hills is a must. Featuring approximately 1,776 forested green karst hills and covering an area of over 31 square miles, the greenery stretches as far into the distance as the eye can see. Visit during sunset to admire the sun melting into the green hills. These uniquely-shaped hills look a chocolatey brown during the dry season, when the grasses dry out, giving them their interesting name. 

For a day of serenity, take a relaxing cruise down the quiet green waters of Loboc River. You’ll sail past towering green trees as you dine on delicious Filipino cuisine.

Snorkellers and divers are in for a treat too. Bohol is home to plenty of sublime snorkelling and diving spots that are bursting with vibrant and colourful coral reefs and fish. When snorkelling or diving off the coast of Bohol, you’re almost guaranteed to share the waters with beautiful sea turtles that cruise the blue waters slowly.


Destination Highlights
  • Observe tiny, furry tarsiers in their natural environment. These cute creatures are the smallest primate in the world
  • Admire a sunset over the 1,776 conical karst hills, also known as the Chocolate Hills
  • Take a cruise on Loboc River across emerald green waters and past verdant tropical jungle
  • Swim alongside inquisitive sea turtles as you snorkel off Balicasag Island’s Turtle Point

Our favourite hotels

Bohol is home to plenty of luxury resorts, with spectacular views and a host of amenities to enjoy. Browse our favourite places to stay in Bohol - we are here to help you find the perfect hotel.

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Amorita Resort


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 £1,699  pp

Amorita Resort

South Palms Resort


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South Palms Resort

Flight Time

Indirect flights are available to Bohol via Manila with Philippine Airlines.
  • Chocolate Hills

    Bohol is famous for its Chocolate Hills which are located in the middle of the island. The unusually shaped hills are named after the brown colour they change to during the summer months. How these hills were formed is still a mystery and there are several different stories of what could of caused them, one of which involved two feuding giants who hurled rocks, boulders and sand at each other to eventually form the hills that were then forgotten about the two enemies became friends. Perhaps a more romantic tale of the hills' formation is that of Arogo, another giant, who fell in love with Aloya, a mortal. She didn't return his love so he cried for days; the legend goes that the hills are formed of his dried tears. As one of the island's most talked about and hyped attractions, the hills are truly magnificent and straddle three municipalities. It's well worth the 20-30 minute walk up to see the hills in all their glory and for fantastic photo opportunities.

  • Tarsier Research Sanctuary

    The smallest primate on earth, Bohol is famed for being the home of the tarsier. Pay a visit to the Tarsier Sanctuary, dedicated to the preservation of this tiny animal and continuously raising environmental awareness and establishing protected areas. Take one of the various trails from the visitors centre where you can walk to see the tarsiers in their natural environment and hear from the guides about how this species is being protected.

  • Robert, Destination Specialist


    Destination Specialist

    “Be sure to visit the Tarsier Sanctuary to see these tiny primates in their natural environment. It’s a truly unique experience.”


  • Isla, Destination Executive


    Destination Executive

    “Take a fantastic boat trip from Bohol to see the whale sharks in Oslob. Then, stop at the dive island of Balicasag to snorkel with sea turtles and admire the vibrant colours of the tropical fish that live among the coral.”

Events & Festivals

Festivals and events are wonderful to include during your holiday in Bohol, offering a glimpse into the country’s authentic culture and traditions.


  • Fiesta Month

    The month of May is known as Bohol’s Fiesta Month, and feast days are held across various towns on the island. These often involve plenty of street dancing, town and church decorations, beauty competitions and so much more. We should also mention that there is an abundance of scrumptious local fare that are dished out to locals and visitors alike. Prepare to add an inch or two to your waistline during this fantastic event.


  • Sandugo Festival

    Sandugo Festival is a month-long celebration held in Tagbilaran City. This is when the island celebrates the Treaty of Friendship between Spain’s Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and Bohol’s Rajah Sikatuna, which was confirmed back in 1565. Expect plenty of dancing, night markets, beauty pageants and, of course, local food.


  • Ubi Festival

    Ubi Festival is hosted every second week of January in Bohol. The event pays homage to the ubi crop, a purple sweet potato, and features plenty of ubi-related celebrations including an exhibit, an ubi competition, and an agribusiness investment opportunities show.


  • Pandayan Festival

    Celebrated on the 27th February every year, the Pandayan Festival is hosted at Barangay Lonoy in Jagna. The event commemorates the parochial anniversary of St. Joseph the Worker Parish. Expect a nine day novena (devotional praying) to credit the patron saint. There is also a carpentry and handicrafts fair, a basketball competition and a street dancing contest to keep you entertained.


  • Bolibong Kingking Festival

    Hosted every 23rd to 24th May in Loboc, Bolibong Kingking festival is held to celebrate the folklore and traditions from the history of the region. The fascinating name refers to the sounds and rhythms of local gimbaw drums. Visitors can enjoy plenty of local dancing, music and food.


Local Cuisine

Get a flavour of the local culture through your palate during your Bohol holiday. Here are a few of our favourite dishes.


  • Peanut kisses

    The island of Bohol is also known for its local sweet treats. One of these native goodies is the delicious peanut kisses. The crunchy snack is a favourite among both children and adults. Inspired by the USA’s famous Hershey Kisses, locals decided to create their spin on the popular treat. Peanut Kisses are crafted with peanuts and egg whites and are designed to resemble the island’s famous Chocolate Hills. 


  • Kalamay

    Another delicious indulgence to try on your Bohol holidays is Kalamay. This thick and sweet delicacy is crafted with coconut milk, brown sugar and ground rice. Chopped peanuts are optional. Served in a coconut shell, this sweet treat is a novelty.

Types of Bohol holidays

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Bohol Multi Centre Holidays

Multi Centre Holidays

Frequently Asked Questions

Panglao Island in the south of Bohol has some of the best beaches in the Philippines - think powder-soft white sand backed by swaying coconut palms. Nightlife here is low key with just a small selection of local restaurants and bars so the beaches haven't been overdeveloped or spoilt.

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