• Incan street in Sacred Valley


Sacred Valley - Peru

The Incas Sacred Andes Valley

This is the Sacred Valley of the Incas in the Andes region of Peru.  Close to Cusco, the Inca capital and Machu Picchu, the area is fed by several rivers, descending down through nearby valleys and gorges and contains various archaeological remains and villages.
The best way to see the Sacred Valley is on a tour.  Visit the market at Pisac and have some lunmch in Urbama. A visit to the Inca Village and fortress at Ollantaytambo and then on to the Quechua Village of Chincero as you head back to Cusco is recommended.   A one day tour is the best way to see everything as it covers a large area of 170 kilometres.    It is possible to hire a taxi to take you there though and the cost with a guide included might set you back about $130-$150 US dollars.