Oualie Beach Resort

Oualie Beach Resort

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Laid-back, tropical escape on Nevis

This unique, laid-back resort is located in the north of the stunning island of Nevis. With accommodation scattered along the soft sandy beach, all rooms have the advantage of uninterrupted view of the ocean and the neighbouring island of St Kitts, just two miles across the water. Stretch out on a sun lounger with a good book and a cool drink, or get involved with one of the activities available on-site. Oualie Beach Resort is the ideal choice for those looking for a casual break in a tropical paradise.

  • Intimate and peaceful resort
  • Colourful gingerbread-style cottages
  • All ocean facing accommodation

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  • 32 rooms
  • Transfer duration: 10 minutes

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Oualie Beach Resort

  • 10 minutes
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Oct 11, 2018

Picturesque with a couple small hiccups

Northern Virginia, Virginia

At a glance, this is exactly what I would picture in a Caribbean getaway. The rooms are cottages that hold two rooms, but they are completely separated, with individual screened in porches. The rooms are large and offer a great view, just steps from the beach. The beach is dotted with chairs, cabanas and hammocks. The property was perfectly kept and they even raked the sand each morning to ensure that everything looked fresh. The office staff was friendly and helpful in calling taxis or figuring out our daily plans. There is also a restaurant and bar on the property. However, there were just a couple of things that could use improvement. The way back to the rooms at night (from the restaurant or returning late) is not too well lit. I know they wouldn't want it too bright, or you'd lose the ambiance of looking at the stars on the beach at night. Also, we saw security patrolling the property, so we felt safe. Still, I used the flashlight on my phone at night. Also, being off season, the restaurant did NOT offer the variety that is suggested by the menu posted online. On Saturday, we had only 3 options for our dinner. The food was good though. Finally, the resort is quite a ways from everything, so be prepared to take a taxi anytime you want to venture off of the resort. So, if you are content to relax and just enjoy the beach, it's a great place to be.
Oct 11, 2018



I came here out of season for a relaxing beach holiday but the attitude of the management cost me dearly. We must not forget that this is a three star hotel and therefore can not be too harsh and there were both good and bad things listed below. But I DEFINITELY would not recommend this place if you need an internet connection and want to be safe. Barring that, if you just want to sit on an idyllic beach and soak up the sun and you don't care about being online and having TV access then this is probably the place. GOOD -Lovely setting -Beautiful beach (that needs cleaning) -Thank god for TC an English taxi come tour guide who we met on day 1. She provided a guided tour of the island and showed us what to do and described the history etc. She then went on to organise, dinner, walking tours and a visit to the thermal springs and botanical gardens. I recommend that you call her before booking and organise everything in advance including airport pick up etc. She has lived there 40 years and knows everybody and everything including some charming little places to eat frequented by locals. Her number is +18696628301 -The most friendly and charming restaurant staff -Tasty but simple food - Big efforts to be green with solar heated water, organic food, composting etc -Clean -Excellent Aircon -Easy access to rest of island -Strangely charming rooms with space and character - I loved to see the monkeys, goats and donkeys on the beach. And yes they do leave some remains but that was no big deal for me. -One evening we helped rescue hundreds of baby turtles which had hatched directly from the beach - Fantastic experience but these adorable creatures were only there due to the light pollution from the bar! BAD -I arranged to be picked up at the airport by the hotel but they failed to turn up so I had to make my own way by taxi and across in the boat. I trusted them and did not bring any currency which left me completely stranded at the airport. Once I had pioneered how to use the local services I found that the price quoted by the hotel was about $40 more than me doing it myself. -The Internet does not work in the room. It has nothing to do with "the Island" which the management love to say. There is always good internet access available in the bar and some rooms that I stood outside of clearly had continuous connectivity. Reading the many negative reviews before I came motivated me to discuss internet availability with the hotel before I came and they understood that this was absolutely vital for me but still took the booking which in my opinion was fraud. I traced back the wiring for the internet back to the main office and found that there were only enough internet connections available for about half of the rooms which accounts for how they sent an IT technician to my room on day three who immediately arranged a connection with 50mb speed. Within 45 minutes of him leaving my room this connection was lost and it returned to no connectivity. I believe that the management has wired the rooms incorrectly, or are trying to save on the costs of connection or are trying to force guests to access the internet in the restaurant which provides the opportunity to sell more (expensive) drinks. -No TV as this is reliant on a USB plug in device requiring internet access. -The roof of the bedroom poured in water when it rained one night soaking all of our clothes. -The tiles on the floor of the bedroom were so old that the ceramic had worn off in places. -The mosquito panels on the veranda were hanging off in places allowing free access for fine dining on my blood. -In the restaurant I was eaten alive in the evenings with over 100 bites before the week was over. -The food and drinks were in my opinion expensive for what we got. If you eat and drink there breakfast, lunch and dinner then you should budget $US130 per day per person. -The menu had about 25% of the items not available. Why doesnt the management change the menu taking off these items in low season and adding new things. Once you have been there a week you are desperate for something new. -The restaurant had dangerous power sockets (see pic) which could easily kill a child. this is an HSE issue and is an accident waiting to happen. -The management hogged the bar area with their little club of raucous mates and family most nights in an inebriated state demanding the full attention of the staff making me feel unwelcome. One evening I sat in the bar for over an hour without being served having to listen to the drunken drivel from the crowd. I got the distinct impression that they felt important in some way and wanted to play the role of lord of the manor. -There is a kind of stagnant waterway that runs around the rear of the rooms emptying through the sand into the beach. It was teeming with mosquito lava and clearly had large brown clumps floating in it (see pic). I just pray that those lumps were rotting leaves with fungi and nothing more biologically sinister. -The sea bed was littered with empty beer bottles which I regularly picked up and placed on the beach to be cleared away but they were just left there as litter. In the corner away from the jetty the sea bed had a kind of hard algae coating with soft squashy sand underneath which reminded me strongly of eutrophication. I do hope that I am wrong but just in case I avoided getting sea water into my mouth or ears and showered immediately afterwards. -One night in the darkness I tried a little fishing off the wooden pier and was accosted by a security guard who was absolutely obnoxious and accused me of "having something wrong with me and not being able to read the no fishing sign" (not illuminated). All he had to do was say in a pleasant way "please can you fish somewhere else?" I will never come back to this place until there is new management who start investing into the up keep and who behave in a way commensurate with a quality organisation. The potential is undoubtedly there but I doubt that it will reach its potential anytime soon.
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