• Universal's Volcano Bay™


Universal's Volcano Bay™

Unlike any water park you may have experienced before, Universal’s Volcano Bay should definitely be included in any Orlando holiday. This lush, island paradise centres around a 200ft volcano, and strikes a unique balance between thrilling fun and blissful relaxation. There are even dedicated areas for younger children and toddlers. 

What makes Volcano Bay™ different?

Universal’s Volcano Bay is revolutionary in every way. Described as a ‘water theme park’, here you’ll find no less than 19 attractions – so this place really does require a full day to experience everything.

Upon entering, you’ll be handed a TapuTapu™. Your TapuTapu wristband allows you to wait in any single attraction’s queue virtually – leaving you free to relax, hit the wave pool or grab some food. Then, when it’s your time to ride, your TapuTapu vibrates to let you know.

What’s more, when linked up to your account on the Official Universal Orlando Resort App, you can use your TapuTapu to rent a locker, pay for food or merchandise, and even interact with some of the rides and theming around the park.

Must-do’s at Universal’s Volcano Bay™:

Waturi Beach

As you enter Volcano Bay, you pass through a lush tropical landscape, guided by the roar and splash of water until you reach a break in the foliage. From there, you're greeted by an unforgettable view of Krakatau™, the mighty volcano and its stunning series of waterfalls that pour into the sparkling lagoon. There, you can swim, splash and relax right along with the locals amid the breathtaking view and warm waves.

Honu ika Moana™

Honu ika Moana refers to a pair of striking blue and green rides on the Volcano Bay skyline. Honu is based on a turtle, and will see you board a four-passenger raft before twisting and turning toward the plunge pool below. 

Kopiko Wai Winding River

Take a slow ride on the Kopiko Wai Winding River through the tropical landscape. Sprays of water surprise along the way, and beneath the lava rocks, Stargazer's Cavern reveals the magical night sky above.

Krakatau™ Aqua Coaster

Four-person canoes slide upward through the mists and into the dark twists and turns within the volcano before emerging with a plunge through a shimmering waterfall.

Ohyah of Ohyah & Ohno Drop Slides™

Test your mettle and get into the Waturi spirit by tackling the Ohyah Drop Slide. Ascend the side of a cliff before plummeting down the twisting waters of this slide, then drop out four feet above the pool below.
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