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Qurum Beach - Oman

A breath of fresh sea air

Located in the up market neighbourhood of Qurum, the hub of modern Muscat, this beach stretches almost four kilometres along the coast line and close to shopping centres and restaurants it's the centre of activity. Walking enthusiasts can enjoy the boardwalk along the beach and then rest on the numerous chairs and umbrellas that dot the beach.

Shaded by restful palms, this is a gorgeous place for a picnic, a refreshing jet-ski trip or a spot of shell collecting. At low tide, treat yourself to a bag of chocolate-covered dates and stroll a mile or two along the shore, passing joggers and impromptu football matches.

Top Tips from our Experts


Destination Specialist

"There’s no great tidal range and waves are small, so bathing is relatively safe at Qurum Beach, great for the whole family."