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Muscat's Souqs & Palaces Oman

Traditional Souqs & Palaces To Visit In Muscat

Muttrah Souq

The oldest souk in Oman, Muttrah Souq is a fantastic combination of ancient and new. Explore row upon row of tiny shops, Bedouin women selling aromas, and interesting souvenirs like coffee pots, jewellery, clothing, and antiques. When passing through this souq, your senses are tantalised by the aromatic smells of frankincense, incense and Arabian perfumes. Mutrah Souq is known for its handicrafts like silverware, daggers, traditional cloth, new apparel and shoes, in addition to the famous Omani sweets (Halwa), spices and braziers (receptacles in which incense or frankincense is burned).Try your hand at haggling and get the best buy possible.

Al Mirani Palace

Flanked by mushroom pillars in blue and gold, Al Mirani Palace is flanked by two forts and overlooks the sparkling harbour. Peaceful and quiet, it is a lovely for a serene walk. See the mounted guard and explore the harbour and its 200 years of seafarers’ graffiti. 

Al Alam Palace

You may not be able to enter this elegant complex, but the blue, yellow and white of the Sultan's Palace make an interesting focus for a peaceful walk. Start at the harbour, etched with 200 years of seafarers' graffiti, and stroll around the palace, once well protected by Forts Al-Jalali and  Al Mirani in the mountains above. 


Top Tips from our Experts

"Visit the Souq on an evening, it will be a feast for your senses, the sights, the sounds, the smells is something that you won't forget in a hurry."