Oman – Things to do

Oman Attractions

Oman has an intrinsic modesty that belies its showstopping beauty. Often overshadowed by its extravagant Gulf neighbours, it’s managed to retain a sense of mystery, with unexplored deserts, untouched beaches, and Bedouin settlements where time stood still centuries back. You’ll notice even the cities, like the capital of Muscat, are high-rise-free zones. The result? You get an unadulterated taste of this country’s incredible past.

Oman landscape

Souk shopping

Brush up on bartering techniques, as you’ll need them on holiday in Oman. Haggle for a bargain on aromatic spices, luxurious silks, and traditional souvenirs at one of the country’s many jubilantly chaotic souks. An explosion of colour, Mutrah Souq is Oman’s oldest souk. Wend your way around the maze of tiny shops selling everything from daggers to shoes to famous Omani sweets. Let your nose follow the tantalising scents of frankincense before stopping just outside for a refreshing juice.

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Jeep Safari, Oman

Wahiba Sands

Omani desert dunes can rise to over 100 metres and slope at an angle over 45 degrees. For an exhilarating adventure, get behind the wheel of a 4x4 and safari dune bash alongside a Bedouin who knows each speck of sand intimately. Lengthen your stay and live like your Bedouin guides by spending the night in the desert beside your herd of camels, watching the glowing sunset and gazing up at the dazzling starry sky.

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Visit ancient forts

Oman is home to numerous ancient forts; stepping through the jewel-shaped archways you’ll be transported back in time. Bahla Fort is not only one of the oldest and biggest forts in the country, but it’s the only Omani fort on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Built as early as 500 BC, it comprises numerous wells, towers, and mosques to explore. Allow a good couple of hours to investigate each room in detail.