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Queenstown – Things to do

Queenstown Attractions

Adventure sports

Queenstown holidays take you to the heart of New Zealand’s wild landscapes, from where you can try some fantastic adventure sports. Try bungee jumping, a canyon swing or skydiving to get your adrenaline pumping. Alternatively, black water rafting will take you through underground rivers to caves lit up by glow worms, as well as allowing you to climb up waterfalls for a unique experience.

Milford Sound

Milford Sound is a deep stretch of water surrounded by rugged mountainous landscapes and was created by a glacier during the ice age. It’s perfect for day trips, as well as overnight boat journeys, and allows you to get up close to some elusive local wildlife. See seals and dolphins as they play in the waters, or majestic whales as they cut through the river.

Lake Wakatipu

The clear waters of the lake are ideal for kayaking and other water sports, while around the edges you’ll find wildflowers and idyllic spots perfect for a picnic. The area is steeped in Maori history. A legend suggests the lake rises by 12cm every five minutes because of the beating heart of a giant, who was burned to death after kidnapping the chief’s daughter, causing the snow to melt from the surrounding landscapes and form the lake.


This burger restaurant is famous with travellers from around the world as one of the best no-nonsense burger joints. It serves up huge, juicy burgers made with local meats, alongside avocado, cheese and delicious condiments, as well as warm, salty chips. Wasabi mayonnaise and falafel burgers are also on the menu.