Dining out in New York

Hungry after exploring the city?

You'll be spoiled for choice with New York's huge variety of restaurants, bars and delicatessens.

With its range of cultures, backgrounds, and immigrants, New York is a mix of cultural and culinary flavours based on diversity. The foods here vary from district to district.  Visit the Big Apple during New York Restaurant Week and dine in the city's top eateries for less. Did you know? Twice a year, participating restaurants offer fixed price meals at a fraction of their usual prices.

Here are a few of our foodie recommendations for your holiday to New York:

Hot Dog at Gray’s Papaya

New York is known for its humble hot dog and you won’t get much better than at Gray’s Papaya. It is regularly voted as one of the best hot god restaurants in New York and is open 24 hours a day. Top yours with ketchup, American mustard, and mayonnaise or even add chilli, cheese or jalapeños for a mouth-watering kick.

Ice Cream at The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory

Take a trip to The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory for a 1920s parlour just under the Brooklyn Bridge, one of the more homely additions in the area and a well-known institution. All the ice cream for your banana splits, milkshakes and sundaes is produced in small batches on-site. No fancy flavours here though; just your regular classics made to perfection.

Bagels at Zucker’s Bagels

A Mid-town classic, among the icons of the American dream including the Chrysler Building, Grand Central Station and the Empire State Building, sits Zucker’s Bagels. A humble and quintessential building with cream, tiled walls and hand-written menus, they make the best bagels in town. The New York bagel is a popular choice with smoked salmon and a cream cheese filling.

Doughnuts from Dun-Well Doughnuts

You may find it odd that some of the best doughnuts in New York are also vegan. Dun-Well Doughnuts is the first dairy-free doughnut shop in the trendy district of Williamsburg in New York. Covered in vintage recipes, posters and baking tins with a 1920s jazz soundtrack, pick up a hand-made doughnut from more than 200 varieties. 

Pizza from Roberta’s Pizza

A former garage, now surrounded by some of New York’s best street art, houses the infamous Roberta’s Pizza in Williamsburg, New York. So famous and delicious are its smoky, wood-fired pizzas that it has a devoted following in the local area, thanks to a rather kind review in The New York Times. Each pizza is made from an original recipe first used by Italian immigrants in the 1900s, we recommend the Carlos Danger for a bit of a kick.

Pastrami from Katz’s Delicatessen 

Largely unchanged, the 125 year old Pastrami on Rye at Katz’s Delicatessen is still the best in the city. The defining New York Sandwich; enjoy yours heaped with smoked slices of pastrami with a black-edge and smothered in yellow mustard and dotted with juicy pickles. Clientele at this famous delicatessen includes four US presidents, numerous celebrities and soldiers rekindling their love for their favourite sandwich.

New York Cheesecake at the Lady M Cake Boutique

A popular traditional cafe, the Lady M Cake Boutique on the Upper East Side sells delicate and rather unique desserts on crockery opulent enough for the Queen. Give the luxurious New York Cheesecake a taste, with mouthfuls of cream cheese, a dash of vanilla and a base made of shortbread cookie crusts. 

Street Food in New York

While street food is fairly common in New York, from hot dog stands to pretzel carts, there is certainly a rise in food trucks and tours. Be careful to only order street food from vendors whose food is clean and fresh, as well as cooked right in front of you.

Food Trucks

A New York staple, the humble, tin food trucks on the side of each intersection provide everything from steaming halal snacks to tasty bagels but now with a unusual and creative twist. 
These are our top recommends for food truck dining:
  • Korilla BBQ serves Korean-style BBQ food served in chosun bowls with a side order of tacos.
  • Calexico Cart serves Californian-Mexican food, from cheesy quesadillas to spicy burritos.
  • Wafels and Dinges serve savoury and sweet Belgian-inspired waffles in a variety of yummy flavours.
  • Kelvin Natural Slush serves healthy slushie drinks in flavours like spicy ginger and green tea.
  • Morris Grilled Cheese serves a variety of tasty grilled-cheese toasties, our eye is on the truffle cheese and caramelised-shallot sandwich.