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New Orleans Cuisine

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If ever there was a city defined by its cuisine, it's New Orleans. With so many annual food festivals, people swear you will never experience a bad meal here and just one bite of New Orleans food will help you embrace the culture of this fascinating city.

Soul food

Names such as gumbo, jambalaya and etouffée roll off the tongue as easily as they are consumed in New Orleans. These signature dishes can be found across the city and are as tasty as they are popular. Gumbo is perhaps the best example of the New Orleans multicultural melting point with its mix of Native American and West African flavours. Made with seafood, chicken, sausage or ham, there are many variations of gumbo but the common factor is that it's always served steaming hot over rice. Most traditional restaurants will serve some variation of gumbo so find your favourite during your trip. Jambalaya is another favourite dish in New Orleans with a bold flavour and perfect spice combination. From seafood to sausage and chicken, there's a variation to suit every tastebud. 


To begin your tasty adventure, make a beeline to your nearest deli counter and induge in a coffee and beignets. New Orleans' signature deep-fried choux pastry is dusted with icing sugar and makes for the perfect sweet treat.

The Po'boy

For lunch, the snack of choice for many New Orleans' locals is the Po'boy; a tasty classic with origins that hark back to streetcar workers in the early 20th centry. Roast beef or prawns are served on a crusy baguette and garnished with lettuce, tomatoes and pickles. You won't regret trying it.

Red beans and rice

Another New Orleans signature is red beans and rice, traditionally cooked on a Monday to help cure workers of their Monday blues. Cooked straight from the heart, this dish does what it says on the tin and offers wholesome red beans mixed with rice making for a filling, simply yet hearty lunch or light bite.

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Try a cooking class and learn about the colourful history of New Orleans cuisine from the experts. Choose an open demonstration class or try a hands on interactive lesson to learn from the highly entertaining chefs before tucking into some delicious classic Cajun and Creole dishes.