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Namibia Safaris

Are you ready for outstanding wildlife viewing and some of the most uniquely stunning and unspoilt landscapes in the world? Remote and starkly beautiful, Namibia offers a dramatically different experience to that found in its neighbouring countries, Botswana and South Africa. Which is why Namibia safaris are one of the most in-demand safari holidays in southern Africa.

Unique Namibia safaris through awe-inspiring landscapes

Namibia holidays will deliver the Africa travel landscapes and wildlife of your dreams while at the same time challenging your imagination.

Starting in Windhoek, Namibia, the bijoux capital city, embark on the journey of a lifetime from the mighty Fish River Canyon (second only in size to the Grand Canyon) to the teeming wildlife of Etosha National Park. The Namib Desert, Skeleton Coast and Damaraland region are also home to a multitude of diverse wildlife species, and game viewing on Namibia safaris is consistently top quality.

Etosha is where you have the best chance of seeing the Big Five on a Namibia safari, and maybe even highly-endangered African wild dogs. The safe waterhole viewing areas near Etosha’s luxury camping in Namibia are magical places to watch the sunset and experience breathtaking wildlife moments.

The seal colony at Cape Cross provides an overwhelming ‘David Attenborough’ encounters. Observe the desert-adapted elephants and lions of Damaraland. You can also expect to see wildlife adapted to its harsh environment amid the seemingly-lifeless giant red sand dunes at Sesriem. From springbok and oryx to ostrich, Cape fox and maybe even the elusive aardvark, seeing these creatures in their natural habitat will be the highlight of your Namibia travel.

As you travel through the shimmering heat in your safari vehicle, you will have the opportunity to see plants that cannot be found in any other country in Africa. From the quiver trees of the Namib-Nakluft National Park to the two-thousand-year-old Welwitschia plants of Damaraland, Namibia holidays are full of surprises.

Beyond wilderness safaris in Namibia

Namibia travel is not just about the wildlife. Visit the quirky ghost town of Kolmanskop, near the port town of Lüderitz. Visit quaint Swakopmund, with its German architecture and delicious bakeries. Whether you choose a self-drive Namibia holiday or an escorted tour, this country will capture your heart.


Top Tips from our Experts


Senior Destination Manager

"Be mindful of extreme temperature fluctuations in Namibia – it can become very cold at night and you'll potentially feel extreme heat during the day – so pack, and dress, accordingly and ensure that you stay well hydrated." 


Destination Executive

"As you explore Namibia you'll see some spectacular sights. To capture great photographs, charging camera batteries overnight and on-the-go is a must so make sure you get hold of all the right tech to enable this."

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