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The Great Rift Valley Kenya

Behold At Breathtaking Kenyan Landscapes

The Great Rift Valley is a spectacular geographic trough – created by a continental fault – which splits the ground from northern Syria to East Africa. Despite its harsh formation, it offers some of the most breath-taking natural landscapes in the whole of Kenya, with expansive savannah, verdant forests and serene lakes including Lake Naivasha and Lake Nakuru. 

The Great Rift Valley is bordered by steep cliffs, craggy escarpments, active and inactive volcanoes, some of the highest mountains in Africa and some of the deepest lakes in the world which create awe-inspiring panoramas in every direction.

Awash with green and with pleasant weather all year round, you'll spot hippos, flamingos, crocodiles, eagles and more on an exploration of the rift – you might even see the tree-climbing lions, so be sure to have your camera ready.