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Mozambique Beaches & Islands

Explore Mozambique's Diverse Coastline

 The coastal shores of Mozambique face the Indian Ocean and the climate provides deliciously warm waters and a vast expanse of sun drenched silken beaches on which to unwind.  There are 2800 kilometres of coastline and numerous islands, so there’s something to suit everyone.
Some beaches are only accessible if you hire a car or as part of a tailor made tour itinerary. The effort is well worth it though. Beaches in the north are mainly rocky, however in the centre you can explore dry riverbed beaches surrounded by mangroves and further south is where you’ll find the sandy beaches you have dreamt of.  

If you like diving and snorkelling, the waters here are an enticing invitation to explore the extraordinary depths a dive among untouched, colourful coral reefs amid a vast marine life. The water temperature is seldom below 18°C in the south while temperatures are even warmer in the north. 
The more accessible and best known beaches, along the coast are: Pemba, Inhambane and Vilanculos, but there are many more, including Ilha de Moçambique, Fernão Veloso, Chocas, Tofo, Morrungulo, Inhassoro, Bazaruto, Zongoene, Xai-Xai, Bilene, Marracuene, Macaneta, Inhaca, Ponta de Ouro and Ponta de Malongane.

Lagoons are aplenty too, with some down in the south such as São Martinho lagoon at Bilene boasting beautiful white sands. Some areas do have strong currents and undertows so we recommend caution in remoter areas where tourist facilities are not provided and therefore no lifeguards.