Bazaruto Archipelago Mozambique

Five Dune Islands In Mozambique's National Park

The Bazaruto Archipelago are a group of five dune islands in the Mozambique Canal which are protected as part of the national park. These untouched islands of Bazaruto stretch out into the turquoise Indian Ocean. More popular and developed than Quirimbas Archipelago, they are renowned for their stunning beaches, miles of reefs and endless opportunities for deep sea fishing, diving and snorkelling. Declared a National Park in 1971, the beaches are sugar soft, lined with shady palms and surrounded by lush green vegetation. On land you will see samango monkeys, green coucals and bluecheeked bee-eaters and you can explore the little villages nestled amid orange and cashew nut trees. It is hard to beat the diving and snorkelling in Bazaruto, as the coral is pristine and fish life superb. You will find three species of turtle, including the loggerhead that nests on the islands, while spinner and humpback dolphins and dugong are also seen here.