Mozambique – Things to do

Mozambique Attractions

The secret’s out now, Mozambique is one of Southern Africa’s most beautiful countries, so hurry before anyone else gets here first. This former Portuguese colony teems with unique wildlife and many people flock here to see some of the planets greatest predators in their natural habitat. You’ll also find marvelous whale watching opportunities off its stunning coast.

Mozambique Birds

Gorongosa National Park

Going on safari is almost a rite of passage when you are visiting Africa. If the potential opportunity of seeing the Big 5 is simply too good to pass up, you are in luck. The forests and savannahs of Gorongosa National Park are home to lions, elephants and hippopotamuses. The wetlands surrounding Lake Urema see flocks of opportunist water birds fishing for their next meal. Venture into the limestone caves and gorges of Cheringoma Plateau, where bats have made their home.

Scuba diving Mozambique

Diving in Mozambique

It’s no wonder that these crystalline waters are a firm favourite among divers. You won’t have to venture much deeper than the water’s surface to be transported to a jewel coloured underwater world. Turtles are ancient inhabitants of these waters, so take your time and you might just happen upon one floating by.