Mozambique – Best time to go

Best time to visit Mozambique

Mozambique has a sub-tropical climate and the best time to experience the beaches is during the dry season from April to December when temperatures reach 28–34˚C.

The best time of year to book a holiday in Mozambique is from July to October.

The weather is pleasant all year round in Mozambique, with July to October benefiting from particularly dry periods. December through to March tends to be rainier, although the rain is a welcome relief from the dry heat.

Maximum Daytime Temperature – 34°C

Minimum Night Time Temperature – 13°C

Average rainfall – 30mm per month

Average daylight hours – 8

What’s the weather like in Mozambique is July to October?

Mozambique is drier in the months from July to October. Coastal areas enjoy a tropical warmth, and temperatures average between 25°C and 30°C.

Reasons to visit Mozambique from July to October

  • Pleasant temperatures are ideal for long idyllic days on the beaches
  • Cloudless skies are perfect for romantic stargazing
  • The water birds feeding at Lake Urema is a sight to behold, with up to 35 species of birds found here during the dry season
  • September to November are peak times to catch a glimpse of big game animals
  • Humpback whales can be spotted from mid-June to mid-October