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Marrakech and Essaouira Multi Centre Holiday

Our Moroccan multi-centre holiday perfectly combines the city and beach. After the electrifying energy of the bustling Marrakech, retreat to the bohemian beach town of Essaouira. Just three hours away sits a charming seaside resort, where the clock moves slower and pale golden sands fringe the town.

Holidays in Marrakech offer a true feast for the senses. This ancient exotic city is doused in a wonderful chaos and stands alongside the soaring metropolis of the new city. In Marrakech, dull moments are strangers. Leave your luxury villa and in an unexpected moment, enter a dazzling world of snake charmers, shouting hagglers, old Morrocan music and fragrant spices that burst into the air and whisk you in.

If Marrakech is the gateway to Africa, Essaouria is the retreat you unwind in after. Regain your energy from the haggling of Marrakech’s souks on the warm sands of this laid back beach town. The twists and turns of Essaouira’s medina are drenched in history, allowing the town to earn itself UNESCO World Heritage status. Wander the streets and find stalls selling beautiful, handmade ceramics alive with every colour of the rainbow; walk past miniature house doors painted with intricate details and stone arches and admire the 18th century architecture against splashes of white and blue at every turn.

On Morocco’s breezy Atlantic Coast, Essaouira is the ultimate breather after the frenetic yet wonderful chaos of Marrakech. The city’s name means ‘little picture’ and it’s exactly that. The inner walled city (medina) is a painter’s paradise - blue and white buildings within fairy tale forts and stone gates trick you into thinking you’re in a storybook.

11 days

Guide Price

 £1,199  pp
Best time to go
March to October
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Trip highlights

  • Haggle for traditional ornaments in the bustling chaos of Marrakech’s famous souks
  • Recharge on the warm pale sands of Essaouira’s laid back beach
  • Experience an authentic Moroccan Hammam with the locals
  • Stroll through the maze of Essaouira’s charming blue and white passageways

A trip to Marrakech will never leave you. Famous squares like the Djemaa el Fna explode with life in the late hours - fortune tellers, dancers and musicians fill the air with buzzing entertainment. Indulgence is beloved here in the birthplace of the traditional Moroccan Hammam and is a must in the Red City. Join the locals who routinely visit the Hammams to bathe and scrub until their skin shimmers.

The famous Marrakech Souks are the beating heart of the city. They’re renowned for being the most exotic markets in the world and rightly so. The moment you enter the maze of alleyways, bewilderment strikes - there’s so much going on that it feels impossible to begin. Take a breath and dive right in. Among shouting vendors and haggling locals, stalls erupt with traditional music, Moroccan spices, multicoloured rugs, luxurious silk kaftans, shining lanterns and a whole world more.

Essaouira morocco

Essaouira is a wonderfully quaint seaside town. This 18th century walled city looks and feels like an old fortress. It’s an ancient citadel that has stood the test of time.

With a slower pace of life than the buzzing metropolis of Marrakech, Essaouira allows you to spend slow days on the beach and watch kite surfers and families enjoy their weekend. Take a unhurried and quiet stroll through the twists and turns of the alleys and get lost in the maze of narrow passageways.

Admire the bright blue and yellow doors decorated with impeccable calligraphy that seem as though they should be framed. Stop off in art galleries and indulge in deliciously fresh seafood on the seafront. Finish the day as you recline on a sun lounger and watch the camels amble by on the pale golden sands and bring your Moroccan stay to a slow end.