Casablanca Holidays

Modern Casablanca looks vastly different to the cluster of whitewashed buildings that gave the Moroccan port city its name, which means white house in Spanish. These days, while the traditional Moorish facades remain, they’re eclipsed by their newer neighbours – a collection of modern tower blocks and Moresque administrative buildings that fuse French colonial and Moorish styles. 

In fact, you’ll notice Casablanca looks vastly different to its on-screen incarnation in the 1942 film, too. That’s because, contrary to popular belief, the movie was never filmed here. No. The truth is, you’re far better to put any pre-conceived ideas firmly to one side when visiting today’s Casablanca, and a trip into the Hassan II Mosque – the largest in Morocco – is perhaps the most illuminating example. With wall-to-wall granite, marble and mosaic designs – all hand-crafted – it’s a lesson in traditional Moroccan craftsmanship that transports you back to the past. Yet, it was finished as recently in 1993, has lasers on the top that point to Mecca, and is one of very few mosques open to non-Muslims – all proof, if it was needed, that this city’s gaze is fixed firmly on the future.

Destination Highlights
  • Stroll the cities streets and gaze upon the fascinating achitecture
  • Treat your taste-buds with the fresh ingredients and some of the cities most fantastic restaurants
  • Explore art galleries and many boutique stores

Time Zone

GMT +2 hours

Flight Time

Approx. three hours and 30 minutes


Morocco dirham (MAD)

Visa Information

British citizens aren’t required to obtain a visa to travel to Morocco


Arabic, but English is widely spoken

Health Information

No special vaccines are required or recommended for travel to Morocco
  • Gary

    Destination Specialist

    "For those travelling to Casablanca in April, be sure to head to Casablanca's favourite music festival - Jazzblanca. Located at the Hippodrome, many local and international acts perform and entertain."

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