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Stunning Snorkelling and Diving

Snorkelling and Diving 

Holidays to the Mayan Riviera offer unique coral reefs and cenotes (sinkholes) that are splendid for snorkellers to explore.

Strap on your own snorkelling gear and swim out from the shore or take an organised trip to deeper waters. Puerto Morelos offers a large coral reef chain where the coral is often just six feet below the surface, or head to the caves at Tak Be Ha and Hilario's Well.

Numerous scuba diving centres offer dive courses, cenote diving and ocean diving through the area. Some of the best is located around the island of Cozumel or Pared Verde, Playa Del Carmen's signature reef dive. 

Swimming with whale sharks

Experienced guides will take you on amazing adventure to swim with whale sharks. Hundreds swim to the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea, near Cancun in the summer months, feeding on the the plankton to be found there.  Guaranteed to be the highlight of any holiday to Cancun and unforgettable experience.   Visit Mexico from June to September to see these incredible creatures, with a higher concentration guaranteed in July and August and the chance to also spot dolphins and manta rays. 

Some interesting facts you may not know about whale sharks:

  • They are the largest fish on our planet
  • They are not related to whales
  • they can reach up to 14 metres in length
  • They can weigh up to 20.6 tonnes
  • They feed by filtering plankton, squids, krill, small fish
  • They have approximately 3,000 tiny teeth, which they don't use for eating
  • They swim by moving their body from side to side 

Essential Information

  • Ages:  All ages
  • Guide Price:  111.0
  • Useful Information:  Book a local tour, hop in a taxi or take a local bus