Visit Plymouth

This historic city is where America was born.

The Pilgrims named the city Plymouth after the city in England they had left, famously stepping from the Mayflower onto Plymouth Rock. ExploreMayflower II docked on Plymouth Harbor. This replica of the original 17th century Mayflowerfeatures actors in period costume onboard recounting tales from their journey across the frigid North Atlantic waters. 

Plimoth Plantation

This is a fantastic living history experience showing what the original settlement of the Pilgrims in Plymouth Colony was like in the 17th century. Actors dressed in time-accurate costumes bring the exhibits to life. In the 17th Century English Village exhibit you will find timber-framed houses with engaging townspeople recreating the village of the era. In the Wampanoag Homesite you will see how the Wamponoag Indians lived, the houses they made, and the food they ate. The people in the Wampanoag Homesite are not actors, but are Native People dressed in historically accurate clothing.