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Wildlife and National Parks - Malaysia

A Wide Variety Of Wildlife In All Shapes & Sizes

Naturally blessed Malaysia has some of the most varied wildlife on Earth. With most of the country cloaked in ancient rainforests, it is the perfect habitat for the 210 mammal species, 620 types of bird, 250 kinds of reptile and 150 types of frog found here. In Borneo alone, hundreds of new species have been discovered since the 1990s, including the world's largest flower and the world's biggest cockroach. 

Dive with Marine Life

The warm waters off Malaysia’s endless coastline are part of the biologically diverse Coral Triangle, also known as the ‘Amazon of the Seas’. Malaysia’s islands are bursting with places to snorkel and scuba dive, so jump in and swim with rays, starfish, sea fans, shrimp, puffer fish and so much more.


These long-limbed, ginger-haired apes have become Borneo’s biggest tourist draw. Venture out to Sarawak to meet these adorable creatures, where you can also adopt one for a year.  

Turtle Island

This is your chance to see the green turtles of Sandakan. No matter what time of year you visit, the show on display is unique; whether you see the adult females nesting in the sand or the young hatchlings trying to make their way to the ocean. Accommodation on the island is scarce, so book early.

Taman Negara National Park

This Malaysian national park is famous for its rainforest, birds, and insects. See Lata Berkoh Waterfalls or visit the Kelah Fish Sanctuary. You can also go trekking in the jungle, climb Teresek Hill, take a canopy walk or go on a night safari.

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