Historical town of Malacca

Or take a trip to Malacca; the oldest trading port in Malaysia was once ruled by the Portuguese, Dutch and English, and the architecture proves it. This is one of Malaysia's most popular destinations on the tourist path. Jonker Street plays host every evening to tourists from all over the world, with a buzzing night market. UNESCO listed Malacca as a World Heritage Site in 2008 but apart from the numerous beautiful and historic buildings here, Malacca is also widely recognised for or its great food. You will be spoilt for choice with places to eat out and sample some of Malaysia's tastiest and finest cuisine, in both restaurants and from local street vendors. 

Also called Melaka in Bahasa Malaysia, this fabulous city is perfect for a short visit during the day or for a slightly longer stay. With many stunning attractions, that perfectly represent the city's great history. You can reach Malacca from Kuala Lumpur in a bus, taxi or by renting a car.