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Tours in Madagascar

A Madagascan adventure promises breath-taking treks through lush forests, hikes along vast canyons and expansive savannahs, and climbs up towering rocky peaks. Lovers of nature and the outdoors will revel in this country’s vibrant palette of exotic flora and fauna, while sun-worshippers can lie back on its stunning beaches and wind down.

Embarking on our Colours of Madagascar tour, you’ll first become acquainted with the lifestyles of the local Malagasy villagers of Andasibe – learning of their fascinating traditions and at their thatched huts – before heading deep into the humid forests of Andasibe National Park. Harbouring an incredible array of wildlife, you’ll spot several species of endemic lemurs, such as the common brown lemur and the Eastern lesser bamboo lemur, while admiring up to 100 species of orchid and fern. Bird-watchers should keep an eye out for the Madagascan crested ibis and listen to the distant calls of harrier hawks as they soar above the canopies. Take in stunning panoramas of the emerald green Ambalavao rice fields, and sample the produce of the local wineries, before stopping off at the Anya Reserve to encounter ring-tailed lemurs and chameleons. Gaze up at the soaring sandstone formations of Isalo National Park, traverse its deep canyons and pause for a moment to reflect at the beautiful Nymph waterfalls.

Alternatively, beach-lovers can take it easy, indulging in exquisite cuisine and enjoying exceptional hospitality on our five-day Madagascar Island Bliss tour. Staying at the luxurious Anjajavy Le Lodge, you can soak up the sun on its tranquil beaches, take a dip in the pool, set sail on a catamaran cruise or kayak through mangrove waterways. With myriad thrilling excursions on offer, you may find yourself snorkelling in the azure waters, exploring nearby cave systems or wind-surfing across the vast Indian Ocean.

13 days

Madagascar Classic Tour

Guide Price £2,499 pp  

Join our scenic tour of Madagascar and discover the dramatic landscapes waiting in abundance from the highlands of hills and mountains, through to rainforests and dry forests as well as the mountain ranges of Andringitra and Isalo National Park, which...

Cultural holidays

Madagascar Classic Tour
14 days Isalo National Park

Colours of Madagascar Tour

Guide Price £2,999 pp  

Colours of Madagascar is the comprehensive tour of Madagascar. Explore all of the most important National Parks that the country has to offer, from the Andasibe and Ranomafana rainforests to the Isalo Massif which is the oldest geological formation in...

Escorted tours

Colours of Madagascar Tour
11 days

Madagascar Ultimate Luxury Wildlife Experience Tour

Guide Price £7,699 pp  

This itinerary is perfect for those who are looking to combine the very best that Madagascar has to offer with amazing service, VIP treatment in luxury tented accommodation with a completely bare-foot luxury experience on the beach at the end...

Luxury holidays

Madagascar Ultimate Luxury Wildlife Experience Tour
5 days

Madagascar Island Bliss

Guide Price £3,099 pp  

Situated on the northwest coast of the adventurous island of Madagascar, is the beautiful area known as Anjajavy. Anjajavy is home to a 750 hectare private nature reserve, luxurious beachfront lodges, a small fishing village, simply stunning scenic views and...

Beach holidays

Madagascar Island Bliss

Expert Tips


Commercial Executive

“The Ranomafana National Park is one of the only places to witness the golden bamboo lemur. It’s wonderful observing them feed.”


Destination Executive

“Street food here is delicious. Make sure you try ranomafana (savoury fried rice cakes served with onions and chillies) and the sweet koba akondro (ground peanuts, mashed bananas and honey wrapped in boiled banana leaves).”


Destination Specialist

“Hire a driver – not only will they give useful advice on places to visit and eat, but the roads here can be difficult to navigate for first-time visitors, as you will mostly be driving off-road.”

Frequently Asked Questions

The official languages of Madagascar are Malagasy and French. We recommend you bring both Malagasy and French phrasebooks to ease communication. French is predominantly spoken in the more populated city areas, becoming less frequent the further you travel from the centre.

The official currency of Madagascar is the Malagasy ariary, though hotels and restaurants may accept euros. We suggest bringing some of each currency and enquiring with each vendor as to what they would prefer to be paid in. Cash machines are only available in city centres and their reliance on mobile networks means they are scarce elsewhere. Many cash machines will not impose a withdrawal limit, though international usage fees are likely – please check with your bank.

Generally speaking, the subtropical climate here maintains consistent heat throughout the year. The hottest months to visit are between November and March, where temperatures have an average high of around 26-28°C. July and August are much cooler, with the average temperatures here being 17°C.

A trip to Madagascar offers truly breath-taking scenery, exhilarating wildlife encounters and a wealth of unforgettable excursions. Whether you’re a fan of the outdoors –and keen to explore the dense forests and rugged peaks –or you’re in need of an escape on pristine sands as turquoise waters lap at your feet, Madagascar has it all.

Why you'll love Madagascar...

• Watching as lemurs climb the branches above at the Andasibe National Park
• Looking out across the vivid terraced rice fields of Ambalavao
• Photographing the extraordinary sandstone formations of Isalo National Park
• Exploring the mangrove forests of Anjajavay
• Sampling the local cuisine, such as foza sy hena-kisoa (stir-fried pork and crab served with rice and spices)
• Trying to spot the camouflaged chameleons of the Anya Reserve
• Engaging with the local Malagasy villagers
• Spotting turtles and wandering through the spiny forest of Berenty Reserve
• Observing the splendour of Madagascar’s flora at the Saidi Botanical Gardens

Did you know?

• In the 17th century, Madagascar was once a prime haven for pirates, and it is rumoured that buried treasure remains concealed across the island.
• Around 90% of the world’s population of lemurs live in Madagascar.
• Tsingy National Park is comprised almost entirely of limestone karstic plateaus, and the name ‘Tsingy’ translates to ‘place one cannot walk barefoot’.