Madagascar – Best time to go

Best time to go to Madagascar

The best time to book your holiday to Madagascar is from April to December.

The rainy season begins in late December and continues through to March.

Maximum daytime temperature – 27°C

Minimum night time temperature – 19°C

Average rainfall – 121mm per month

Average daylight hours – 12

What’s the weather like in Madagascar from April to December?

Madagascar has a subtropical climate. The rainy season lasts from December to March, so it’s best to travel outside this season if you’re hoping for sunshine. The weather is largely dry the rest of the year. Humidity is high, reaching 81.5% in February and the days average 12 hours in length. 

Why visit Madagascar from April to December?

• Clear skies make for spectacular sunsets
• Stunning tropical flowers bloom in the rainforests
• The crystalline waters are perfect for diving and snorkelling
• Pleasantly warm evening temperatures enable you to enjoy al fresco dining