Nature and Wildlife

Rio Secreto

Rio Secreto is an underground system of rivers, pools and semi-sunken caves in Riviera Maya's Yucatan Peninsula. This staggeringly beautiful natural marvel offers a labyrinth of passageways through formed geological processes and dramatic mineral formation. Guided tours allow you to hike and swim through a maze of chambers encrusted with elaborate stalactites and stalagmites.

Celestún National Reserve

This nature reserve is best known for being home to the largest gathering of American flamingos in the world. What's more, a unique ecosystem is created by the meeting of the Ria de Celestún and the Gulf of Mexico; a sight we recommend seeing.You will also see turtles, caimans and numerous birds, including the golden–fronted woodpecker and great egrets. It's a haven for nature lovers.


Literally meaning 'place where water is born', Xel-Ha is the magical location where the ocean meets the freshwater currents of underground rivers and springs. Together, this forms a complex ecosystem with stunning surroundings set beneath a thick jungle, caves, archaeological sites and beautiful snorkelling. The natural aquarium park offers snorkelling, swimming with the dolphins and stringray encounters. 

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