New Orleans Mardi Gras

The biggest celebration in Louisiana

The party started in 1857, and it's not stopped since. Mardi Gras is the biggest celebration in Louisiana each year with colourful parades, magnificent costumes and the very best party atmosphere.

New Orleans is one of the best places to see Mardi Gras each year, with more than 1,800 parades making this one of the world's greatest attractions and biggest parties. Starting on January 6th each year, Mardi Gras climaxes 46 days before Easter, with the 12 days preceding the festivites featuring more than 60 parades and hundreds of private parties, dances and balls that are normally held in the Metro area of the city.

With bright splashes of purple, gold and green seen around the city, and traditional long beads thrown from the floats into the partying crowds, this is the best festival around. In fact, Mardi Gras is so ingrained in Louisiana's history that it's renowned as a legal holiday in New Orleans with half the city turning out in costume to see the wonderful sights, colourful floats and listen to the pulsing live music. The party stops promptly at midnight, as Ash Wednesday behins and the austere Lent season dawns.