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Hoover Dam Las Vegas

Once the largest dam in the world

Built during the Great Depression of the 1930's and originally known as Boulder Dam, this was the largest concrete construction in the world of its time and today still provides power to Nevada, Arizona and California. The building of the dam was an immense challenge and workers dangled from heights 800 feet high to clear canyon walls to create this impressive feat of engineering. Take a tour and learn about the history and construction of the dam and even go behind the scenes in the generator room. Tours vary from 30 minutes to one hour, but if you are looking to explore more about the features of the dam, then allow yourselves 2 hours.

Why not see the Hoover Dam from a completely new perspective on a Black Canyon River Raft Tour and gaze up at this incredible concrete structure. Get picked up from Las Vegas and climb aboard a motor assisted inflatable raft to admire the canyon's cliffs and travel along the Colorado River to the Hoover Dam.

The largest reservoir in the US (when full); Lake Mead, was also created by the dam. Both are well worth a visit for their spectacular scenes and views. 

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