That Luang Stupa

The most sacred monument in Laos, That Luang, or the Great Stupa, is a national symbol and its image is show on the Laos official seal. From the outside it looks more like a fortress. Standing 148 feet tall and surrounded by high walls and the top is elaborately covered in gold leaf. Architecturally built in Lao style, influenced by Buddhist beliefs – the design includes delicately gilded, red-lacquer doors, numerous images of Buddha and beautiful flowers and animals.
The That Luang Festival is held in Vientiane every November and from all over Laos and other neighbouring countries, thousands of people come to pay their respects to the Stupa. Considered the most important Buddhist celebration in Laos, the colourful event includes live music, street parades and religious ceremonies. Activities take place over three days and three nights, with the main event held at That Luang.