Laguna's Beautiful Beaches

The town of Laguna Beach overlooks a beautiful strip of white sand called Main Beach. Often referred to as Laguna's 'Window to the Sea', the beach offers a boardwalk extending to a pathway that continues into Heisler Park. There are two half-court basketball courts, sandy volleyball courts, children's playgrounds, and picnic tables.

Thousand Steps Beach

While there are actually only about 230 steps down to this spectacular beach, they do seem long coming back up. The steep stairs are covered with a thick canopy of trees and vines, but at the bottom you break through to see a wide sandy shore, beach houses set beneath sheer cliff faces, and spectacular waves. You can go scuba diving on the reef on the west and east sides of the beach.

Tide pools

Laguna Beach has numerous areas where tide pools are formed when the ocean recedes from the rocky formations along the beaches. You will find these tide pools at low tide (in California the tides are about six hours apart—two high and two low tides daily). Active tide pools are filled with barnacles, hermit crabs, black turban snails, anemones, starfish, mussels, and shore crabs. These tide pools can be found at Crescent Bay, Shaw's Cove, Treasure Island, and Picnic Beach. Always check the tides before going and check for dangerous surf conditions.