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Kuala Lumpur City Orientation

Metropolis of mosques and skyscrapers

Despite the vast growth, Kuala Lumpur managed to keep its charm, with a skyline that blends the old and new. View the contrast of old Moorish architecture and the modern skyscrapers such as the PETRONAS Twin Towers for a photo stop. Visit Merdeka Square (Independence Square) and National Mosque and enjoy another photo stop at the New Royal Palace. Other highlights include the National Museum and a stroll at the beautiful Lake Gardens located within the vicinity of the National Monument, before finally visiting the handicraft centre and Cocoa Boutique.

Essential Information

  • Duration:  three and a half hours

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"Always try local hawker stalls, you can eat like a King for next to nothing. Highly recommended is a Roti Canai (a type of Indian-influenced flatbread) for breakfast"