Ayurvedic Treatments

Havens of relaxation and rejuvination

Aurvedic medicine - also known as Ayurveda - is one of the world's most traditional holistic systems and was developed thousands of years ago in India. Today, Kerala offers a range of Ayurvedic treatments and resorts to truly pamper yourself during your trip. 

The healing methods are based on a belief that health and wellness rely on a kindred balance between mind, body and spirit and a promotion of good health, rather than the ability to fight illness and disease. According to ancient Ayurvedic theory, the universe is eternally connected and harmonious and a disruption of this harmony can lead to bad health and subsequent sickness.


Top Tips from our Experts


Destination Specialist

An Indian head massage is one of the most relaxing treatments I've ever had. This treatment uses techniques and pressure points to open up your energy sources and reignite balance and well being through your body.