Batu Cermin Cave - Indonesia

Batu Cermin Cave is situated in a forest around 4km from the centre of Labuan Bajo. Also known as Mirror Rock, a small hole in the ceiling of the cave allows light to reflect off the rocks below giving a mirror effect.

Discovered in 1951 by Pastor Theodore Verhoven and archeologists, the cave covers a staggering 19 hectares and is over 75 metres tall.

In order to reach the Mirror Cave at the small port of Labuan Bajo, you need to travel to the farthest western point on the Island of Flores.  So if you are planning on taking a Komodo Trails Tour, you might be able to make this a small diversion on your trip.  This is a short but attractive point of interest for those that want to add a bit of sparkle to thier Indonesian experience. 

  • Guided Tour cost - 20,000 Indonesian Rupiah / Roughly £1.05