• Elephant in Khao Lak


Wildlife in Khao Lak

Coastal and rainforest beauty

A visit to Khao Lak won't be short of wildlife spectacles and bounds of natural beauty. 

Elephant encounters are a popular highlight of many Khao Lak holidays. See the majestic creatures in their natural habitat and even spend time with them as they bathe in the rivers and streams.

Meanwhile, set on the island's fringes, Khao Lake-Lam Ru National Park is a collage of sea cliffs plunging into crystal blue waters, stunning beaches, winding estuaries and tropical evergreen forests. Visit Tone Chong Fah waterfall, which drops 10 metres into a pool that is fantastic for swimming, or Nam Tok Lam Ru, a stunning five-tiered falls. When trekking into the park's forest, you may spot flying lemurs, drongos, monkeys and tapirs; a feast for nature lovers.