• Felicite Island, Seychelles

Kenya and Seychelles Multi Centre Holiday

Our multi-centre holiday in Kenya and Seychelles transports you to an invigorating world of diversity, monumental landscapes and some of the best wildlife conservation in the world. Kenya is the traveller’s fantasy and the explorer’s dream. And after early dawn rises to explore rugged valleys and wildlife tracking, unwind and recharge with a few days on the paradise beaches of Seychelles.

Our Kenya and Seychelles multi-centre is the perfect way to bring your adventure to a luxurious end. If Kenya is for the explorer and adventurer, Seychelles was made for the escapist. Trade elephants against the magnificent backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro for spellbinding clear waters and golden ribbons of sand. Swap sacred village traditions with tiny charming towns and colourful markets. Bring the thrilling adventures and adrenaline of Kenya to an end with the ultimate escape to the haven of Seychelles.

In the rolling plains and blanketing savannahs of Kenya, discover majestic wildlife species and wonderfully preserved conversation sites. The landscapes are rugged and endless, bursting with magnificent wildlife and over 50 national parks reserves dedicated to their protection. Kenya is an explorer’s paradise and a trip through its valleys leave you with an adrenaline fuelled promise to one day return.

It’s difficult to glimpse islands more exquisite than Seychelles. Sprinkled across the Indian Ocean, these beaches glisten more than a postcard. Blue waters and feathery sands dance against the shore inviting you in. Marine life is in abundance and you only need to look below at the crystal clear waters to see it for yourself. It’s an Eden. Discover Seychelles and round off your holiday with the relaxation and luxury you crave.

14 days
Best time to go
April to November
Start your journey
a herd of elephants walking across a grass covered field

Trip highlights

  • Catch a glimpse of the rare and endangered Big Five in Kenya
  • Soak up the sun on velvet sands overlooking the Indian Ocean
  • Witness the spectacular Wildebeest Migration in the Masai Mara
  • Dive into coral reefs and swim with the endemic sealife in Seychelles
Elephants in Kenya
Lions in Kenya

Kenya is often said to be the jewel in Africa’s crown. Most visitors to these winding savannahs and huge valleys come to spot the fascinating and endangered Big Five. The African elephant, lions, black and white rhinos, leopards and buffalo are the five animals that early game hunters considered the most difficult and dangerous to hunt. Seeing them up close is truly astonishing - but these majestic and endangered mammals are only a handful of the treasures that await in the reserves and plains of this country.

On exciting day trips to the legendary Massai Mara and Nakuru National Reserves, you can get up close to the rare Somali Ostrich and Reticulated Giraffe. During migration season, witness the spectacular Great Wildebeest Migration, where nearly two million zebra, antelope and wildebeest make their annual trip for greener pastures. Holidays in Kenya take you to an entire kingdom of majestic wildlife and staggering landscapes

a small island in the middle of a body of water
Anse Source d Argent Beach, Seychelles

The Indian Ocean Islands of Seychelles are hard to beat. Comparable perhaps only to the islands it shares an ocean with (the Maldives and Mauritius), these soothing blue waters set the scene for an island stay with exclusive luxury and class.

Uninterrupted blankets of white and golden cushiony sands wind down from rows of gently swaying palm trees to the crystal clear waters of the sea.

On your Seychelles holidays, dine in award winning resorts and restaurants with views of the Indian Ocean you’ll never want to leave behind. Sleep in and start your day with an easy breakfast on private sundecks before enjoying a long stroll along the seemingly endless blues and white of the beach and feel the warm grains hug your feet. In the afternoon, treat yourself to world class spa treatments before swimming with friendly turtles. Visit Seychelles and let your tropical island fantasy come to life.