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Kenya and Mauritius Multi Centre Holiday

Our multi-centre holiday in Kenya and Mauritius takes you on an exhilarating journey of action packed days driving through rugged valleys and the majestic wildlife of Kenya. After the adventure of a lifetime, enjoy a sun soaked escape in the paradise islands of Mauritius with our Kenya and Mauritius multi-centre.

When you choose to discover Kenya, you transport your inner adventurer to the beating heart of Africa. It’s famed for its dramatic landscapes and remarkable wildlife conservation, and visitors will be enthralled by the sights of the Big Five. Lions, elephants, rhinos, leopards and buffalo all call this beautiful country home. Discover the remote reaches of Kenya’s parks and private reserves and end your evenings with candlelit bush dinners under the stars.

Leave the adventures in Kenya behind and fly to the heavenly islands of Mauritius with our paired holiday. Let the mornings glide past you from the sanctuary of your sun lounger and get lost in the calm of the emerald green sea. Swap early morning rises for long siestas and ice cold cocktails right on the shores of the Indian Ocean. Blending adventure with luxury has never been so easy.

A getaway to Mauritius takes you to a calmer oasis of postcard worthy white sands and strikingly blue waters. It’s the ultimate destination to escape the pace of modern life. Visitors to this tropical haven will be enchanted by the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean and the impeccable service at every turn.

Combine the two destinations for a special getaway and give in to all of your senses. Speak with one of our Destination Specialists and bring your dream getaway to life.

14 days

Guide Price

 £4,199  pp
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Trip highlights

  • Witness the thundering hooves of the Great Wildebeest Migration in Kenya
  • Spend days sunbathing on hammocks overlooking the Indian Oceans
  • Join exhilarating night time game drives in the Masai Mara in Kenya
  • Enjoy world class service and beachfront luxury in Mauritius
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a cheetah lying in the grass

Sweeping savannahs bursting with majestic endangered wildlife; snow capped mountains and deep blue oceans; never-ending valleys that lead to sacred village traditions and winding green rivers. Welcome to the jewel in Africa’s crown - Kenya.

Holidays in Kenya take you on an exhilarating ride through one of the most famous wildlife locations on earth. Action packed days spent game driving through expansive plains and valleys bring you face to face with the endangered Big Five. Discover sacred, unchanged traditions of Masai Mara village, where the friendly community live side by side with the remarkable wildlife.

Safari trips in Kenya include more than a century of immaculate wildlife conservation and exploration. Iconic landmarks like the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro crown the country’s coastal islands and towns. Towering waterfalls tumble down into lush highlands and multicoloured rocks. From the highest peak of Mount Kenya to the deepest blues of the inhabited waters, your ultimate adventure awaits in Kenya.

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an island in the middle of a body of water

The Mauritius Islands have earned themselves a reputation of ‘heaven on earth’ at no coincidence. A holiday escape to this Indian Ocean island is in a league of its own. Striking sapphire waters and velvety soft white beaches stretch out into the horizon, creating a truly dreamy luxury retreat. The islands here are, without doubt, famed for their incredible beaches that resemble pictures from a magazine more than real life - but that isn’t all Mauritius has to offer.

When you step off the fluffy sands and venture just a few steps away, the island rewards you with breath taking sights. Immaculate botanical gardens frame the tropical island. You can also find world class diving and snorkelling sites and hiking havens in the mountain lined forests. Those wanting to explore the culture will find a lively assortment of faiths and traditions. There’s nowhere on earth quite like Mauritius. Come and discover it for yourself.