Aberdare National Park Holidays

Travel about 100 kilometres north of Kenya's buzzy capital, Nairobi, and you will find the serenely mist-wreathed Aberdare National Park. 'Scotland with lions' is an apt description, since Aberdare's lush flora – moss, thistles, tussock grass, heathers and wild flowers – is evocative of the Scottish Highlands. 

The park offers diverse terrain, from craggy ravines and grassy moorland to tropical rainforests and bamboo forests rising to the steep slopes of the Aberdare mountain range.

Whether viewing black leopards at Lesatima Peak, watching elephants lumber through the lichen-hung forests, trekking the wild moors or gazing on cascading waterfalls, you'll love the variety of wildlife and mythical, ethereal feel of safari holidays in Aberdare National Park. 


Destination Highlights
  • Treetop night game viewing
  • Kikuyu village
  • Beautiful scenery and peaceful atmosphere
  • Kereita cave and waterfall

Flight Time

Accessible by road from Nairobi. Flight time to Nairobi is approx 9 hours direct from London. You can fly directly with British Airways or Kenya Airways from London.
  • Kikuyu Village

    This atmospheric hotel is perched on stilts and surrounded by dense forests. Famous for housing Queen Elizabeth II on the night she ascended to the monarchy, this hotel overlooks two waterholes frequented by the park's game and the jagged ice-capped peaks of Mount Kenya. The night time game viewing is so rich you can have a professional guide wake you when rare animals or one of Africa's Big Five visits the waterholes.

  • Gina, Destination Specialist


    Destination Specialist

    Don’t forget that the distances between national parks are vast – speak to a Destination Specialist to make sure you maximise your game viewing opportunities.