• Wadi Rum


Wadi Rum Desert - Jordan

A Desert Adventure In Jordan

Lunar-like in its landscape and truly magnificent, the Wadi Rum Desert is one of the world's most amazing desert landscapes.

From wandering the narrow canyons in search of ancient rock drawings, to camping overnight alongside Bedouin tribes, the 'Valley of the Moon' certainly lives up to expectations. Lose yourself in the jaw-dropping surroundings, visit the small village of Rum for a flavour of local life, and trek to the almost-dry Lawrence's Spring, named after British author and archaeologist, TE Lawrence.

Wadi Rum Desert perfectly demonstrates Jordan's contrasting land, as tarmac and city life blends seamlessly into miles and miles of barren, hot and dry desert.

Our TOP TIP: Why not take a Jeep Safari through the desert? Drive over the Dunes and witness one of the best sunsets in Jordan.