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Tours in Petra

Tours of Petra take you to one of the world’s most incredible sights and a Wonder of the World. Built in the fifth century, this incredible attraction consists of tombs and monuments built into rocks in the desert. Explore the delicious traditional Jordanian cuisine, imagine the many generations who visited this UNESCO World Heritage Site and explore the winding rocks and tombs.

Our Petra tours can be booked as part of a small group, or you can book a bespoke tour itinerary created just for you by our Destination Specialists. The Wonders of Jordan Tour takes you to the lowest point on the earth’s surface, the colourful reefs in the Red Sea and historic Petra. The rose city of Petra is full of archaeological treasures. Walk through the siq, colourful gorge which takes you through to the Treasury – the pinnacle of your Petra experience. Ride a camel through the desert, taking in the sights of the tombs, visit the Roman style theatre and learn more about this incredible area at the museum.

Our Jordan Highlights Tour allows you to see the country’s main sights and attractions over an eight day holiday. Relax and float in the salty Red Sea, snorkel and scuba dive and see the lost city of Petra. Enjoy a day tour with an expert local guide who will tell you stories which date back to the fifth century. Walk through the gorge and admire the rose coloured tombs which rise on both sides. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays you can enjoy a Petra night tour, when the city comes alive with the light of thousands of candles.

8 days a stone castle next to a rock wall

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Expert Tips


Senior Destination Manager

“In Jordan, meals tend to be on the generous side. Among my favourite foods here are falafel dishes and ful medames (mashed fava beans and olive oil served with bread and onions).”


Destination Executive

“Seeing the Treasury illuminated at night is wonderful, but this display only takes place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, and I recommend bringing a torch – the Siq can get rather dark, even by candlelight.”


Destination Manager

“Make sure you visit Little Petra and walk to the Al-Dayr Monastery – climbing to the top, you’re treated to some spectacular views across Petra.”

Frequently Asked Questions

After being largely abandoned by foreign settlers and the Nabatean empire for centuries, Petra was considered inaccessible by anybody but its local inhabitants, who guarded the site fiercely. Not much was known of the city, until in 1822, Swiss explorer John Lewis Burckhardt disguised himself in Bedouin dress and embarked on a fact-finding mission, where he happened across what we now know as the Treasury.

The official currency of Jordan is the Jordanian dinar. Though there are many cash machines available across Jordan, not all will accept foreign cards for withdrawal, and you may be subject to international usage fees. It is recommended you convert your cash prior to arrival, as conversion rates here may not be favourable.

With its desert climate, temperatures during the summer months of July and August are on average around 28°C, but can rise to as high as 40°C. As you would expect, the temperature at night can drop dramatically, especially during the winter - between November and February, (day time or night time?) temperatures can drop below freezing.

Historians will revel in the ancient architecture of this holy site. Designated as one of the ‘New Seven Wonders of the World’, Petra and its neighbouring cities allow you to step back in time and discover how past civilisations lived. Explore the vast Eastern Desert by camel, take a dip in the mineral-rich Dead Sea, and immerse yourself in culture seemingly a world away from ours.

Why you'll love Petra...

• Walking through the winding Siq gorge
• Witnessing the Al-Khazneh Treasury at night, as part of a Petra by night tour
• Exploring the archaeological sandstone sites of nearby Little Petra
• Discovering the Urn, Silk and Corinthian royal tombs of Petra
• Floating in the buoyant, mineral-rich waters of the Dead Sea
• Taking a camel tour of the Eastern Desert
• Capturing fantastic photos of the endless dunes and historic architecture
• Sampling the local cuisine, such as shish kebabs and joshpara (wheat dough parcels stuffed with beef and spices)

Did you know?

• Once ‘lost’ to Western civilisation, it is estimated that only 15% of Petra has been discovered by archaeologists since its rediscovery.
• Petra was inhabited by three different civilisations, including the Edomites, the Romans and the Nabateans.
• Petra is often referred to as the ‘Rose City’ due to the pink-tinged sandstone hills it is carved into.