• Maiko in Matsuo Taisha Shrine Japan


Experience Japanese Culture

Japan boasts a fascinating, diverse culture that's both steeped in history and futuristic at the same time. Your trip to Japan will undoubtedly introduce you to each and every side of Japanese culture: from the traditional, spiritual and religious to the more developed and contemporary. A few cultural experiences you shouldn't miss out on during your holiday include:

The Gion Quarter

One of the most famous Geisha districts, the Gion Quarter in Kyoto is a must-visit to indulge in one of Japan's most famous traditions. Used as the setting for the novel and subsequent film Memoirs of a Geisha, you'll experience tea ceremonies, puppet theatre and authentic dance, as well as the famous Geisha women with their distinctive white faces, red lips and elaborate clothing. 

Traditional tea ceremony
The ancient ritual of drinking tea is a treasured one in Japan, dating back to the 12th century where Buddhist monks began drinking tea as part of their religious ceremonies. Today, you can enjoy an authentic tea ceremony for yourself in the beautiful tea houses dotted across Japan. You'll learn about the important preparation of the tea, and hear more on the meditative elements: harmony, respect, purity and tranquillity.

A night in a Ryokan
A must-do during your trip, spending a night in a ryokan, or traditional Japanese inn, is sure to leave you with lifetime memories. You'll soon feel right at home after settling in to the unusual accommodation that includes sliding fusama doors, tatami mat flooring and futon mattresses to sleep on. Sip on green tea, enjoy some authentic Japanese cuisine and spend a tranquil night in your own ryokan for an experience not to be missed.

Sushi-making class
Discover the taste of Japan by attending a sushi-making class. Learn from the best and bring home tasty skills and recipes to impress your loved ones. The best part of the class? Eating your creations afterward of course.

Sumo wrestling show
As one of Japan's most traditional and loved sports, be sure to add a sumo wrestling show to your Japanese itinerary. You're guaranteed a fascinating and dramatic spectacle at this event that promises to be like no other you've seen before. Three of the biggest annual tournaments take place in Tokyo, with the main sumo stadium, Kokugikan, providing the ultimate atmosphere.