Dances, Dragons & Magical Lakes (West to East)

This luxury adventure takes explorers through an Indonesian archipelago covered in pristine beaches, vibrant jungles, active volcanoes, mysterious lakes, cascading waterfalls and traditional villages drenched in authentic Indonesian culture.

Journey through the islands of Bali, Lombok and Moyo towards the Jurassic landscapes of Komodo National Park, located within the Lesser Sunday Islands. This luxury cruise takes you on a magical journey through time, visiting legendary lands of natural beauty that remain completely untouched. An eight-day inclusive adventure provides travellers with a once in a lifetime opportunity to discover the breathtaking sights and natural wonders of Indonesia that are inaccessible by land.

Transporting you on this amazing voyage are the 24 passenger Ombak Putih or the 12 passenger Katharina – both suitably luxurious accommodation for the beautiful surroundings. During your trip there is plenty of time to relax, unwind and take some time to explore the very best of all there is on land and sea.

You will have a chance to see the majestic Komodo dragon, the largest lizard in the world, up close in its natural habitat. With daily opportunities to snorkel and view the kaleidoscopic beauty of the underwater world, pack your underwater camera and get ready to swim alongside vibrant marine life, brightly coloured corals and unique rock formations.

Unlimited use of stand-up paddleboards and sea kayaks onboard will add yet another dimension to your nature explorations as well as providing a fun activity to bond with your loved ones and other travellers on board.


Led by Captain Iwan and operated by a crew of 12, Katharina is a 38-metre traditional Phinisi yacht that elegantly sits low upon the water, showcasing a unique and classic design that is few and far between. The Katherina provides accommodation for up to 12 guests in six comfortable cabins and includes a salon & bar, two sun decks and a stunning outdoor dining area. There are plenty of areas to socialise outside or inside with your fellow shipmates. On the top deck, you’ll find an area with cushions and bean bags, so you can sit back, enjoy some private time, watch the world go by, read a book or take an afternoon nap.

Departure Dates

  • 17th July 2019
  • 22nd August 2019
  • 3rd May 2020
  • 6th June 2020
  • 30th July 2020
  • 17th August 2020
  • 4th September 2020
  • 22th Septemeber 2020

Sleeping Configuration

  • 2 x double bed cabins
  • 2 x triple cabins (one double bed & one upper single bunk - bunk ideally suitable for children 12 or under)
  • 2 x twin bunk cabins (one above the other)



Led by Captain Agung, with a crew of 14, The Ombak Putih (which means ‘White Wave’ in Indonesian) is a traditional Indonesian schooner boat measuring 42 meters long and 10.5 meters wide. With around 400 square meters of public space split between two decks, there are plenty of areas to socialise outside or inside with your fellow shipmates. On the top deck, you’ll find an area with plenty of benches, couches and bean bags, so you can enjoy some private time, watch the world go by, read a book or take an afternoon nap. The Ombak Putih is the largest of our two SeaTreks, providing accommodation for up to 24 guests in 12 comfortable cabins. The boat includes a salon with a library, presentation TV, small bar, coffee station, an electronic charging "dry zone" and mini-fridge.


Departure Dates

  • 17th July 2019
  • 22nd August 2019
  • 3rd May 2020
  • 6th June 2020
  • 24th June 2020
  • 12th July 2020
  • 30th July 2020
  • 17th August 2020


Sleeping Configuration

  • 6 x double bed cabins
  • 2 x triple cabins (one double bed & one upper single bunk - bunk ideally for children under 12)
  • 4 x twin bunk cabins (one above the other)
8 days

Guide Price

£2,199 pp
Best time to go
June - September
Group basis, Escorted
Start your journey

Trip highlights

  • Explore secluded beaches, untouched jungles, hidden coves, cascading waterfalls and underwater marine life
  • Enjoy ranger led tours that take you in search of Komodo Dragons, monkeys, buffalo and deer

Meet at a cafe in South Bali for a delicious breakfast and then board a mini bus to Amed. On the way you will be taken to Tenganan Village, famous for its well preserved village layout, original architecture, traditional crafts and ceremonies. Whilst here, you check out the royal palace of Tirta Gangga, a beautiful water garden with spectacular fountains, ponds, statues and springs which are often used by the locals for religious ceremonies.

You will then travel on to Amed, venturing through tiny fishing villages, rugged mountains, lush green rice terraces and picturesque beaches until you reach your beautiful beachside hotel, with spectacular views out to the mighty volcano Gunung Agung. As you arrive to your hotel, prepare to be greeted with a warm Balinese welcome and take a moment to admire the traditional architecture. After check in, the afternoon is free for a dip in the pool or a wander along the beach. For those new to snorkelling, there will be an opportunity for a practice lesson with a tour leader.

In the evening, enjoy sunset drinks and a Balinese-style welcome dinner at the seaside bar, a chance to indulge in some flavour rich traditional foods and mingle with other guests before your departure the next day.

Overnight at resort in Amed.

Breakfast will be served at the resort. You will then be collected and taken to the boat, which will be waiting at the bay. Once boarded, you can settle in to your room or head out on to the deck as the boat heads east in the direction of Sumbawa across the Lombok Strait.

The Lombok Strait is a deep trench of water between Bali and Lombok which marks part of a very important ecological boundary called The Wallace Line. This was first discovered by Sir Alfred Russel Wallace a renowned Victorian naturalist. Wallace noticed that the flora and fauna of the islands to the west of this line, is home to Asiatic animals and plant species as opposed to the islands of the east, which are strangely similar to those found in Australia.

Lunch will be served as you journey across the open sea, this will be an opportunity to relax, soak up the sun and catch up with the other guests. Sunset drinks on the back deck will be a highlight.

Overnight in on the boat. Full Board basis

Wake up off the beautiful white sands of Kenawa Island in West Sumbawa and enjoy some fresh coffee with breakfast before heading out on to the water for fun activities such as snorkelling and paddle boarding. Alternatively, take a relaxing swim and explore the island’s beaches, grasslands and corals for a refreshing start to your morning.

After lunch, the boat will then head east to Bungin Island, home to a group of Bajau ‘Sea Gypsies’ who are well known for residing in stilt houses above the water and living entirely off the sea. Being the second largest Bajau settlement in Indonesia, this will provide an incredibly unique and rare opportunity to experience a part of Indonesian culture and seafaring tradition. In the afternoon, the boat will then set sail towards Moyo Island.

Overnight in on the boat. Full Board basis

At morning, the boat will dock at the Labuan Aji village on the island of Moyo. Here you will have the opportunity to take a wander through the village and visit the Diwu Mba’I waterfall. For the adventurous, take the rope swing and jump into the deep clear river pool below, or if you’re not feeling so daring, simply bathe in the refreshing cool water.

The boat will then travel across the Flores Sea to the next stop, Satonda, a strange and mystical volcanic island with a sunken crater lake in its centre. This volcano rises 1000 meters from the seabed. At the centre of the island, there is magical crater lake which has been filled from saltwater from when the nearby Mt Tambora erupted in 1815, one of the worst volcanic eruptions in history. Local people believe Satonda to be so magical that even the trees are named ‘wishing trees’. Take a walk to the lip of the caldera to view the mysterious lake and make a wish by tying s small rock to one of the trees there.

The seas surrounding the island are rich with soft and hard corals as well as colourful tropical fish, so you will have the afternoon to go swimming and snorkelling. Another highlight of our visit to Satonda is capturing the sight of thousands of flying foxes that commute at dusk from the island to feed on the mainland, returning before first light the next day. Immediately after sunset, the boat leaves for an overnight passage on a course due east.

Overnight in on the boat. Full Board basis

Wake up for breakfast just off the coast of Pulau Sangean, an active volcano that towers 1,800 metres above sea level and prepares to head ashore where you will visit a small hamlet, which is only inhabited by the locals for short periods of the year due to the active nature of the volcano. They come here to tend to their crops and small herds of buffaloes, which you may see swimming in the sea.

The local community of boatbuilders on the mainland have begun constructing a brand new and very large pinisi boat on the beach at Sangean village. Here you have a special opportunity to see the process that built both the Ombak Putin and Katharina boats in action; truly an impressive sight and a marvel of engineering.

Later that day, guests can enjoy snorkelling at a nearby reef and then have the option to move to a location on the north of the island, here the nutrient rich land feeds a plethora of marine life, and you can marvel at volcanic gas escaping in the form of bubbles from the sea floor amongst the coral.

The boat will then proceed to Banta Island, an uninhibited, partially submerged volcano off the Northwest coast of Sumbawa. Swim ashore and check out the pure white sandy beaches or take a hike up the mountain, explore and get some exercise.

Overnight in on the boat. Full Board basis

In the morning the boat will be anchored off the famous Komodo Island, one of approximately 80 islands that make up Komodo National Park. You will then head ashore to the ranger station in Loh Liang for an early morning ranger-led trek through the park in search of Komodo dragons. With some of the richest marine life and pristine, untouched nature in the world, prepare to be amazed as you set across the savannah-like landscape in search of wildlife including of course, the Komodo Dragons, Indonesia’s legendary living dinosaurs.

Once the nature adventure is complete, relax back on board the boat and enjoy a cruise around the coast. There will be an opportunity to pay a special visit to Komodo village, where you can venture off and shop for traditionally made handicrafts.

Later that day, the boat will head to Pantai Merah ‘red-beach,’ which takes its name from the particles of red coral mingled with the sand. Here you can swim and snorkel over one of the richest reefs in Eastern Indonesia and see the region’s many varieties of coral and marine life. The day will end in Gili Lawa Darat, an opportunity for more snorkelling and an invigorating hill climb where you can watch the sunset.

Overnight in on the boat. Full Board basis.

In the morning you will be taken to the ranger station of Loh Buaya on Rinca Island where you can enjoy another incredible nature trek that will take you to all the best spots. Rinca is famous for its diverse wildlife. There will be an opportunity to see more Komodo dragons as well as monkeys, wild buffalos and deer. Splendour at the scenery and views from the top of the hills, a picture perfect moment.

In the afternoon, guests can go snorkelling on the beautiful Siaba Island, before perhaps visiting the lovely Kelor Island. You will also have the option of visiting the adjacent island of Kukusan where another settlement of ‘sea gypsies,’ reside, Bajao people who build their homes on stilts over the sea.

That evening you will depart to an uninhabited island and celebrate your final night with a beach barbeque. There will be a bonfire, great food, dancing and the crew singing and playing guitars. The perfect end of voyage celebration.

Overnight in on the boat. Full Board basis.

In the morning, early risers can take the time to enjoy one last swim and snorkel, before cruising into Labuan Bajo harbour. At about 9am you will then leave the boat for a trip to the village of Melo. Here, local ‘strongmen’ will perform the ‘Caci,’ a ritual whip fight between two rivals, where each one, armed with a rattan shield and a whip, will try to hit each other whilst dancing to the rhythm of traditional acoustic instruments. The men of Western Flores are famous for this test of daring and skill, requiring lightning quick moves to dodge the infliction of a wound. The winner is loudly applauded and cheered by the village. The cultural group will showcase other traditional dances and after enjoying the performances, you can indulge in some delicious lunch on the boat before catching your transfer to the airport for your flight back to Bali.


  • Operated with English speaking guide
  • The cruise fare includes full board
  • Non-alcoholic beverages
  • Excursions
  • Use of bath and beach towels
  • Limited laundry service
  • Use of snorkelling gear and sea canoes or other recreational equipment
  • Transfer to and from the ship to airport (Excluding Bali, in Bali, ship to meeting point)

Not included

  • Visa arrangements
  • International / domestic flights
  • Meals other than mentioned above
  • Camera/video entrance fees
  • Personal expenses (alcoholic beverages, laundry more than determined, telephone, tips etc)
  • Crew and tour leader gratuities
  • Transfer to and from the meeting point in Bali
  • Travel insurance
  • Other services not clearly indicated in the package inclusions above