Culture and Nightlife

From cultural shows to nightclubs Bali many evening options to enjoy

Rich in history and bursting with vibrant art, Bali culture is unique and unforgettable. From spiritual dance and music, to the thriving arts and crafts scene, a trip to Bali promises a cultural experience like no other.

Art is a religion in Bali, where skills are passed from generation to generation and expressed through intricate wood carving and batik weaving in a unique blend of spirituality and tradition. With various arts and crafts tours available, a trip to Bali is sure to ignite creativity and inspiration all at once. We also recommend you catch a performance of Balinese dance that hypnotises with its graceful, meticulous choreography and colourful gilded costumes. Most Balinese dance conveys an important, moving story to symbolise Bali's culture: from the Barong dance, triumphant and vibrant, to the exciting Fire dance that represents the fight between good and evil. 

Tranquil Bali has a great nightlife too, making the islands perfect for any traveller. After the breathtaking sunsets and a day lounging on the beach, head to some of Bali's most sophisticated nightspots to discover trendy, atmospheric bars and restaurants lit by flickering candles, moonlight and twinkling stars. Seminyak has the chicest venues while Kuta attracts a varied crowd with everything from laidback bars to busy clubs. Nusa Dua, on the other hand, offers a more chilled nightlife that mainly revolves around swanky hotel lounges. No matter how you wish to spend your evening, Bali has a bar or club to suit you.

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Destination Specialist

" By night Seminyak has a wide range of restaurants and bars to choose from, with a mix of locals and tourists the atmosphere is enjoyable for all. "