• Varanasi


Varanasi Boat Tour

Varanasi is a city in northern India on the banks of The Ganges, it's one of India’s most iconic areas and generally regarded as the country’s most spiritual city, which is saying something for a nation with deep roots in religion. 
Varanasi is characterised by its ‘Ghats’; steps leading down to the banks of the Ganges, there are 87 separate Ghats in total, most built around 1700 AD. It is here that Hindus come to wash away sins. Owing to the architecture and the national dress in the region, Varanassi is incredibly colourful and is characterised by the chaotic, yet routine scenes on the river bank. 
Varanasi itself is certainly a place for those really looking to immerse themselves in the culture, and the best way to experience it up close is simply by walking along the Gahts. A boat trip is arguably more serene however, and allows tourists to view the spectacular scenes here from slightly further afar.