River Ganges


The Ganges - India

The lifeline of the Indian Subcontinent.

A must see on your India holiday, this majestic river stretches over 1500 miles and is a place of deep religious significance for many religions including Hinduism and Buddhism.  

Hindu's believe that this great river is the most sacred in the world. A pilgrimage site to most, bathing in it's waters is a way to pay homage to ancestors and to the gods. 

Experience this spiritual river on a river cruise or on a tour of two significant cities on it's shores, Varanasi and Kolkata.

Top Tips from our Experts

"Visiting the Ganges at Varanasi over Divali - festival of lights is quite the experience. The river and it's banks are illuminated by thousands of candles as locals pay tribute to their gods and respect to their loved ones."