Rushing Cities India

Bustling cities

If you are looking to experience the press of humanity and the rush of the crowds, historic sites and authentic culture then head for India's cities. See the glistening skyscrapers rising from Mumbai's notorious slums or head for the rushing rickshaws, elephants, and old world charms of Old Delhi standing next to modern, contemporary New Delhi.

We also recommend visiting the holy city of Varanasi that perches splendidly on the banks of the river Ganges in Uttar Pradesh. Watch the spirituality of this famous pilgrimage sites from a boat, and see morning ablutions and ceremonial offerings to the goddess Ganga as well as evening chanting and singing.

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Destination Specialist

"Explore cities by a traditional rickshaw to really get feel the heartbeat of the city, on a rickshaw you can explore than on foot and experience more than in a car."