Indian Street Food

An array of taste, spice and color to entice all of your senses.

Street food is one of the best ways to experience India’s cultural and regional diversity. Try wada pav and pav bhaji in Mumbai, or jhal mudi (puffed rice) in Calcutta. From makeshift roadside stalls to small carts, street food is everywhere here. Be careful to only order street food from vendors whose food is clean and fresh, as well as cooked right in front of you.

Chaat is a small, savoury snack served just about everywhere in India, from roadside stalls to street vendors to hurriedly assembled carts and is perhaps northern India’s most popular treat. There are numerous variants, some of which include potatoes, fried bread chickpeas. Try any delicious variation of this dish, including papri chaataloo chaatdahi puri and dahi vada.

This popular Indian snack is filled with a ball of spiced potato, peas and chilli that is divided and stuffed into dough and then deep fried for an explosion of mouth-wateringly delicious flavours.

Aloo Vada
Aloo vada is much loved in India on a rainy day. Essentially, it is a potato coated with a floury batter and deep fried. It is served with various chutneys such as date and tamarind chutney or green chutney. Sometimes it is stuffed in a sandwich or bun and eaten for lunch.

Pav Bhaji
This roadside favourite is high in taste and low in cost. It combines potatoes and vegetables simmered with butter and spices and served either as a meal or a side dish.

Tips for Trips

Helen gives us her expert tip from her time in Mumbai, India. India is known for it's food but sometimes it can be a little difficult to know what to order. Helen suggests a street food tour in order to understand more about the local dishes.

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Destination Specialist

"The number of street food vendors in bustling cities can be overwhelming. I'd recommend choosing one of the busiest. They churn out tasty delicious snacks that are freshly cooked."