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Texas Wildlife

Incredible scenery

Texas is home to beaches, canyons, deserts, prairies, forests and mountains. It's almost a country unto itself. There are many national parks in Texas covering a wide variety of terrain; from the High Plains to the Guadalupe Mountains and weather beaten deserts where solitary cactus stand sentinel, to bayous filled with cypress trees and longleaf pine forests. Discover canyons carved out over millennia and explore historic waterways such as the Rio Grande.

Black bears and bison

Texas is home to many remarkable species of animal including the nine-branded armadillo, the black bear and the bison. Also known as the puma or the cougar, the mountain lion is now a rare and endangered species, and you can also spot the ocelot and the jaguarundi. The coyote is still found in large numbers as are white-tailed deer, and also recently introduced varieties such as the fallow and blackbuck deer.

Gophers and skunks

Gophers, ground squirrels, prairie dogs and muskrats are fairly common to many areas of Texas, as are otters, raccoons and beavers. There are six varieties of skunk in Texas, including the hooded skunk, the hog-nosed and the striped skunk.


There are many snakes to be found state-wide including copperheads, cottonmouths and 11 kinds of rattlesnake. Expect to find the vinegarone scorpion and the tarantula here also. ‘Gators or alligators are common in Texas and as likely to turn up in folk’s backyards as they are to be found in the swamps and rivers, especially to the south of the state.

Marine wildlife

On the Gulf Coast expect to see bottlenose and Atlantic-spotted dolphin cavorting in the warm waters. Dwarf sperm whale and pygmy whale, plus the short-finned pilot whale can also be sighted in these waters and sightings of the sperm whale are not an uncommon factor.