Hawaii Island's Beaches

The beaches of Hawaii Island are like none you'll have seen before: famous for not only its white sandy coves but black and even green sands, these beaches will prove an unforgettable sight for even the most seasoned traveller.

Much of Hawaii Island's shoreline is made up for black volcanic rock, with beautiful, picture-perfect sandy beaches found between the lava landscapes. Most of the black sand beaches are located on the southeast of the island, with the most popular being Punaluu. The jet black shores make for an unforgettable sight, and prove quite the contrast to the surrounding green palms. 

As if that wasn't unusual enough, Hawaii Island is also home to Papakolea beach, Hawaii's only green sandy spot whose coast is made from olivine crystals. Located on the edge of Mauna Loa, this secluded cove is stunning, serene and hard to reach; it's a 2.5 mile hike from where you'll park up but the sight that awaits you makes the trip completely worth it.

You'll also find numerous white sand beaches throughout Hawaii Island, ideal for a spot of relaxation, sun worshipping and the perfect place to finish that book you've always wanted to read. What could be better?